Dog Cage Van Conversions & Dog Van Cages

Custom Dog Cage Van

Our dog cage van conversions are built bespoke to suit your requirements, Each of our dog cages are manufactured on site here in Warrington, Cheshire, and we will work with you closely to help create your exact dog cage van to suit you.

Every dog cage van conversion is individually designed with the customer and will only go into manufacturing when the customer is completely happy that everything meets their bespoke dog cage requirements. We can design every element required to help with the everyday use of the vehicle; we can stack multiple dog cages to save on wasted head space, or manufacture and incorporate a bi-fold door into a larger dog cage to utilise it as two smaller dog cages when needed for those occasions. We can also incorporate a pull out landing platform under the dog cages to aid in cleaning the animal or just to assist in getting them back into the dog cage.


Your animal’s welfare is important when travelling so we offer air ventilation for dog van conversions with a wind driven roof vent to circulate the air. Alternatively we can upgrade this to a full electric roof vent, which will force air into the dog cages or can be changed to removing stale air / odours with the flick of a switch. We can also help ease the transportation stress by fitting low lighting in the dog cages which will reduce the stress on the animal being transported. We also offer the option of real-time CCTV with an up front monitor, so you can keep a watch on your dog’s happiness as they travel with you.

Bespoke Dog Cage Van Safety

We incorporate all safety aspects into our custom dog cage van designs. All of our dog cages are designed and fitted with escape doors, so the animals can all be removed from the vehicle as safely as possible through multiple exits.

What are our custom dog cages made from?

Our custom dog cages are all designed with a resin coated ply lined floor. This makes the floor anti-slip and also water resistant to ease cleaning of the vehicle. We also offer SPEEDLINER® – the UK’s leading spray on protective van lining system, offering a water proof spray on coating that is fully washable, hard wearing, and durable. Available in standard or HC, which is an anti-bacterial, anti-microbial spray on coat to offer tough and washable hygienic protection, to help control and stop the spread of E-Coli, Salmonella, MRSA and many others.

Our dog cages are manufactured from cold rolled steel box section and high tensile mesh. They are all finished with powder coat with a selection of colours available on request. All the dog cage doors are fitted with lockable show style catches.

Where are we based?

Our manufacturing and installation workshops are in Warrington, Cheshire, and customers are always welcome to call in and speak to us in person and ask advice.


  1. Can my dog van cages be removed?

    Yes all our dog van conversions are fully removable and will only leave minimal parts in the body.

  2. Can it be retrofitted into my new dog van?

    Yes we can install the dog cages into a variety of size and shapes of van and light commercial vehicles. As our products are bespoke we can work to custom dimensions.

  3. Can the electric vent be running with the engine off?

    Yes we can install a separate dedicated battery in the dog cage van which will allow constant running of the vent.

  4. How long will it take to build my dog van conversion?

    Each dog van conversion takes a different time scale which is dependent on size and extras. Please get in touch for details.

Please contact us if you’d like any further information about our dog cage van conversions and bespoke dog cage options.

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