Roof and Floor Vents

We have a wide range of roof vents which consist of both wind-driven and electric vents. We also have a large number of low level roof vents and roof scoops to accommodate vehicles fitted with roof bars or roof racks.

The wind-driven vent is constantly working, even when there is only a breeze. Because they are powered by wind, you don’t have to think about maintaining the unit, with no wires or cables to worry about.

The electrical vent offers controlled ventilation. This allows for the air to be either sucked in or blown out by the flick of a switch. Most of our roof vents are available in either white or black.

Floor vents are most commonly used in vehicles which carry gas. The floor vent is designed to extract any gas leakages, when used in conjunction with a roof vent. This happens by the roof vent bringing fresh air into the vehicle, and the gas being exhausted through the floor vent.

Please contact us if you’d like any further information about our vehicle roof and floor vents.

Roof Vents Gallery